CIA will 'no longer' operate black sites

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Washington, Apr 10: The Central Intelligence Agency will 'no longer' operate the secret prisons used by the intelligence agencies to interogate the terror suspects, as per the directions given by the US President Barack Obama, said the agency's director, Leon Panetta on Thursday, Apr 9.

The secret prisons or the black sites have received criticism from all over the world and from the country itself on the account of gross violation of Human Rights. The revelations that there are secret prison sites overseas in places like Iraq, caused an outrage during Bush administration due to the risk of torture.

"CIA no longer operates detention facilities or black sites and has proposed a plan to decommission the remaining sites," Panetta said in a letter sent to agency employees. The agency personnel are directed to take care decommissioning process and the termination of contracts.

The CIA as of now has the authority to detain suspects 'on a short-term transitory basis', and the people in custody will be turned over to the US military authorities.

Panetta also added "enhanced interrogation techniques" that started under the Bush administration was done away with. The harsh methods, including simulated drowning or "waterboarding" , which were considered as torture.

"CIA officers do not tolerate, and will continue to promptly report, any inappropriate behavior or allegations of abuse" related to interrogations," he said.

The agency will however continue the 'aggressive pursuit' of al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

One of the first decisions Obama took after being sworn in was to decommission the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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