Water problem leads to marital woes in Bihar village

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Salempur (Bihar), Apr 9 (ANI): Grooms in Salempur village of Bihar are facing a strange problem. They cannot marry because of an acute water shortage.

Young men in Salempur are a worried lot. There are no takers for them in the marriage market, not because they lack the requisite qualifications, but because their village has no water to cater to an elaborate affair like a marriage function.

Most parents refuse to marry their daughters to the village boys fearing a life of unnecessary hardship for their girls.

The villagers allege that the administration has done nothing to improve the situation and their condition is getting from bad to worse.

The condition of villagers has constantly declined and it's become difficult for them to arrange even bare minimum water for their sustenance --- providing for marriage guests is a luxury they cannot afford.

Empty wells and barren patches of land have become a common sight in the region.

"The water situation in the village is bad and the condition of the fellow villagers is deteriorating. The situation has become so alarming that no one wants to get their children, especially daughters married in this village," said Mohammad Auranzeb, one of the villagers.

Even though the government has initiated schemes for the region, no relief has reached the villagers.

Ajit Sharma, one of the candidates in the forthcoming general elections from Bhagalpur blamed the politicians for the pathetic quandary of the people.

"Clean drinking water is not available. People vote so that their concerns are addressed in the Parliament, but the parliamentarians have failed in their duty to raise a voice for Bhagalpur and the people," Sharma said.

While the politicians continue to play the blame game and exploit the situation, it is the poor grooms of Salempur who continue to suffer. By Ajay Sharma (ANI)

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