Radio Pakistan says Hindus suppressing Hindus in India

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Abohar, March 26 (ANI): The Punjabi Durbar programme of the Pakistan Radio seems to have run out of ideas in the preparation of their programmes. With the country facing increasing criticism for giving harbour to fundamentalist forces, the Radio is trying to spread the word that India too is faced with similar problems.

The latest of these radio programmes is that the Hindu community is split, between Brahmins and other castes.

Listeners in the border areas of Punjab have expressed dismay on hearing the programmes. In Punjab, Brahmins are outnumbered by other castes, and even those who are there do not wield much influence, leave alone their suppressing others.

People of Punjab are aware that in their State as well as the rest of the country people live in harmony and enjoy brotherliness in day-to-day life.

"As part of its malicious propaganda, Pakistan is spreading rumours about 'discrimination' on the basis of caste and religion by Hindus, especially by the Brahmins. God has created this world and has divided work to the people according to their qualities. A Brahmin will not wield the influence that a religious teacher does. Nowadays, Brahmins take up any assignment available to them," said Pandit Shyam Kishore Mishra Shahtri.

It is interesting to find how Pakistan Radio can throw stone on Indian houses, when their own homes are in complete disorder.

Be it the political turmoil, growing militancy or the latest fear of Talibanisation of the country following its controversial deal with the fundamentalists in Swat Valley, it is the Pakistan which has to keep an eye on the prevalent turmoil within rather than finding solace by pointing out at neighbouring countries.

"The militants in Pakistan and people are suffering. If we compare the situation in India and Pakistan after the partition in 1947, one can see the difference. Public's outcry in Pakistan is quite severe but there is no such situation in India. The people of high caste don't torture people of low caste and if any such case is there, then laws and acts have also been made," said Pt. Shastri.

Radito Pakistan should read the Indian Constitution which guarantees every citizen the right to equality, right to practice one's religion and equality before law as fundamental rights. (ANI)

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