Puppet festival to revive dying traditional Indian art form

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Jaipur, Mar 24 (ANI): Authorities in Jaipur, Rajasthan have organised a festival to promote the traditional art of Puppetry.

'Putal Yatra' as the puppet festival is known, has been organised at the Jawahar Kala Kendra to revive this dying art form.

The festival has brought together different forms of puppets from across the country to entertain people.

"The aim is to bring together traditional puppets from across India and also contemporary puppets under one roof for the people. It is very difficult to watch all these puppets at one place. This is happening for the first time in Rajasthan," said Sandeep Madan, a coordinator, 'Putal Yatra'.

The Puppet artistes feel such events would provide the required boost to puppetry and help people, especially the younger generation, become aware of it.

"The traditional art of puppetry is dying out. We are struggling to survive. Such events help in reviving this traditional art form," said Choormal, a puppet artiste.

Puppetry or 'Kathputli' as it is known in the local jargon is an ancient traditional art form of India dating back to the Indus Valley Civilisation.rtistes use handmade puppets in bright coloured costumes to narrate tales of bravery and valour from myth and history.

Puppetry in Rajasthan is a legacy of the wandering Bhatt community which has been carrying forward this rich heritage of performing art, wandering from village to village, to narrate stories of local heroes and divinities.

Modern day entertainment options like television, movies, internet are fast displacing such traditional art forms that are dying a slow death.

With the passage of time, modern elements have also been weaved into the traditional flavour to cater to the changing tastes of today's audience.

Bollywood songs and other popular music is now used by the puppet artistes to attract the audiences' attention. By Lokendra Singh (ANI)

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