A Hind friar in MP chomps on chillies to glory

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Sagartal (Gwalior), Mar 20 (ANI): Mirchiwala Baba, a self-professed Hindu mendicant from Sagartal near Gwalior has been surviving on a diet of chillies, a feat that he has practised for nearly three decades with no signs of any adverse effects.

The unusual diet of only chillies has gained 50-year old hermit of Sagartal, the title of 'Mirchiwala Baba'.

Throughout the year, irrespective of the season, the Baba is in the same attire of a thick black overcoat and a black headband. He always carries an orange coloured puppet in his hand. He stays in a temple situated on the outskirts of Gwalior.

Baba claims he eats anywhere between 250 grams to a kilogram of chillies in a day without any medical complications on his physique or overall health.

"I never feel any burning sensation or pain in my body and the stomach in particular. This is all a result of my dedication," said Mirchiwala Baba.

People from far and near visit the small temple where he resides and seek his blessings. There are many visitors who call on Mirchiwala Baba out of sheer curiosity and see for themselves his weird diet of chillies.

"Devotees coming to see him, bring along with them offerings of green chillies, coriander leaves, coriander powder and red chilli powder. He eats them with great ilan and survives on the same. The chillies are also considered as the holy offerings to him," noted Kailash Narayan Srivastava, a devotee.

Abnormal as it may appear, Dr. Dharmendra Tiwari, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the J H Hospital in Gwalior is of the view that it is a matter of an individual's body tuning itself to such a diet.

"If a person is eating chillies from such a long time, then it increases the tolerance and stamina of his or her body," said Dr. Dharmendra Tiwari.

Hari Mirchi Baba, that is how certain devotees address him, would have started eating chillies to satiate his hunger.

However, today it has become his daily necessity and prime food item without which he cannot survive.

Mirchi Baba is keen that his amazing feat is recorded in the Limca Book Records and perhaps the Guinness Almanac of World Records too! By Ashok Pal (ANI)

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