Sit in protest for abducted engineer bore fruit

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Imphal, March 18 (ANI): People in different areas of Manipur have been voicing concern at frequent incidents of kidnapping, extortion and killings for a long time. All of them want that peace should be allowed to prevail.

The recent abduction of Mohammed Liaqat Ali, an assistant engineer with the Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD) and a ransom demand of Rs. 1.5 million rupees caused panic and anguish among his family members and office colleagues.

A sit-in protest, which was organised to highlight commoners' concern over worsening situation here, bore results when his abducters released Ali on humanity grounds.

The captors -- the People's United Liberation Front (PULF)-- released the captive unhurt.

It was conducted in front of Public Works Department complex, where the Irrigation and Flood Control Division is located.

" We want to live in peace without any disturbances. We want to work in peace and we don't want such things to happen in future," said Samin Bhanu, one of the protestors.

"He is a good person, and very important and useful person for the department and such harm caused to him is not satisfactory.

He does not have property as well. He does not take into mindless activities as well," said Mohd. Abdul Hakim, Chairman of the JAC

For a long time, militants have been constantly targeting engineers, harassing them with monetary demands and when the demands are not met they cause physical torture.

Such disturbances caused by militants have become a major roadblock in the path to progress in Manipur. (ANI)

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