'Barmaids' may be barred in Europe

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London, Mar 18 (ANI): British barmaids would no longer be called so, for the members of the European Parliament are all set to ban the title because it is sexist and could upset women.The move could even bring an end to the terms airhostess, policeman, manageress and fireman as well.If adopted, the idea can see people calling out barmaids as "barpersons".

Going by the MEPs' new "Gender-Neutral Language" booklet, forms of address like Miss, Mrs, Ms and Mr break the new guidelines and full names should be used instead.

With the guidelines, the Parliamentarians want to see the term "man-made" replaced by "synthetic" or "artificial", while sportsmen and statesmen should become athletes and political leaders.

"They seem determined to tell us which words we can use in our own language. It's ludicrous. The thought police are on the rampage," the Daily Star quoted Tory MEP Struan Stevenson as saying.

The booklet has been distributed to the EU's 785 MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg and the rules could be rolled out across Europe.

Another Conservative MEP, Philip Bradbourn hasslammed the booklet as a "waste of taxpayers' money". (ANI)

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