Theron finds stripping easier than portraying 'raw emotion' onscreen

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New Delhi, March 14 (ANI): Charlize Theron finds it easier to drop her clothes than portray 'a raw emotion' on screen.

"'The Burning Plain'" star insisted that conveying emotions during a scene could end up being more challenging than the mere act of peeling layers, reports China Daily.

She said: "Being naked is one of those things I think people think of in an isolated, compartmentalised way, but sometimes it's harder to do a scene where you have to bear a raw emotion of pain or vulnerability.

"That kind of nakedness is sometimes much harder than taking your clothes off."

The Oscar-winning actress further added she would not mind putting on a director hat since she loved the totality of the filming experience.

She said: "If you' asked me ten years ago if I would produce, I probably would have said, 'You're crazy.' But it's become one of those things that the older I've gotten and the more I've done this, the more I realise I love film making.

"It's not the idea of playing a role and showing up and just acting and doing my thing, it's the collaborative aspect of it that I really love." (ANI)

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