Holi procession in Jodhpur recalls Mughal emperor Akbar

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Jodhpur, Mar 14 (ANI): Locals take out a procession depicting Mughal ruler Akbar and hiswitty courtier Birbal, next day of the colour of festival Holi in Jodhpur.

Dating back to around 250 years, the procession is an annual affair and is taken out next day of Holi by the people of Jodhpur and is an integral part of their culture.

The impersonators who dress up as Akbar and Birbal are chosen with great precision by the locals, as only bachelors or orphans qualify for the parts.

The impersonators lead a procession across the city and distribute dry colour or 'Gulal' to the residents.

According to residents, the gulal offering is considered precious and till the time the procession takes place, all the shops and other business establishments remain close.

"Until the procession of Akbar-Birbal passes by, the shops and other establishments remain closed. The gulal given by them as offering to the people is held in high regard by them. The women even keep it in their temples and worship it throughout the year," said Rajendra Lodha, a resident.

While rest of the country plays with colours on Holi, people in Jodhpur observe this age old tradition a day after the colour festival to bring in auspicious tidings on Holi.

Celebrated at the onset of spring, the festival also holds a mythological importance - that of the triumph of good over evil. y Yogesh Dave (ANI)

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