Hoshiarpur policeman providing facilities to underprivileged children

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Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Mar 9 (ANI): Ram Dayal, a policeman, lost his legs in an accident when he was on a UN Mission. But, this did not deter him, and he is doing his best to provide free education and facilities to underprivileged rural children of Punjab's Hoshiarpur district. "I was a member of police investigation team in 1999. I was selected to be a part of the United Nation's mission to Kosovo. During the mission, I met with a train accident in Germany. I lost both my lower limbs in the accident and since then I have been using artificial limbs to walk," he said.

Ram, who was very frustrated after the accident, said his family was very supportive during those difficult times.

"In fact, my brother came up with an idea that became a source of motivation for me to move on in life. He told me, "Ram now you have to serve others. You have to help others because you too need help." I can't even walk without my artificial limbs. That was my main source of motivation," he said.

Remembering his old days, he said in the first year, in 2000, he made slippers.

"I thought about the days when my family used to walk barefoot. My brother and I used to go to school barefoot. I thought I could do something for those who have to walk without slippers on the roads burning in the summer heat," he said.

Now, Ram wanted to help such poor students and make things a little comfortable for them.

"We supplied slippers to four schools initially and that cost us just 400 USD. After that, we gradually started providing the students other basic requirements like notebooks, uniforms and computers. We then slowly extended our reach to other villages. The scale of work started growing bigger. It started as a family affair, after a while I started roping in my friends too, who provided me with financial assistance," he said.

Speaking about his missions, he said that he was doing seven missions in a year like mission Narvodaya and mission Patriot.

"I also started awareness programmes in schools, especially for girls. We organise debates and cultural programmes to educate the girls on social evils like female foeticide. We make them aware of the fact that female foeticide is a crime," Ram said. By Sunil Sharma(ANI)

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