Pak cannot lose 'war on terror': Zardari

Posted By: Staff
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Washington, Mar 4: Asif Ali Zardari the President of Pakistan has said that his nation can ill afford to lose its confrontation with terrorism.  "This is an existential battle. If we lose, so too will the world. Failure is not an option," Zardari said.

Zardari negated the notion that Islamabad has fallen into the hands of the Taliban referring to the Swat Valley peace deal. "We have not and will not negotiate with extremist Taliban and terrorists," he added.

Zardari clarified that the peace deal struck in the valley was with the clerics and not with the terrorist outfit. "The clerics with whom we have engaged are not Taliban," Zardari said, adding "After the deal, it is it is their responsibility to rein in and neutralize Taliban and other insurgents in their area."

Commenting on the action of security forces in case the situation gets out of control in the valley, Zardari said, "Our security forces will act accordingly."


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