Lahore attack planned inside Pakistan: Editorial

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Lahore, Mar.4 (ANI): Even before the dust of the Lahore terror attack has settled, the blame game has begun. Pakistan is blaming a 'foreign hand' for the ghastly act.

Pakistan's political by lanes have also wasted no time in laying the blame on organizations outside its territory as a PPP politician, within minutes of the attack, said "This is clearly the work of a foreign hand."

The world has confirmed the existence of a terror safe haven in Pakistan again and again, then how far is Islamabad's claims of a foreign hand being behind the attacks justified, asks an editorial.

The editorial in The News, quite opposite to the official claims of Pakistan, has rebuked the notion that the perpetrators of the Lahore attack had international links.

Pakistan's claims have not been backed by a shred of empirical evidence, suggesting a foreign role.

The editorial highlights the presence of highly trained and well armed groups inside Pakistan territory.

"There is no shortage of highly-competent well-armed and trained groups within our own borders capable of such an operation," the editorial states.

These outlawed outfits are so well-off, that they do not need any foreign assistance or foreign money.

There are plenty of people in Pakistan who would be happy to finance them and offer logistical support, it added.

Tuesday's attack has put a stamp on the 'democratic' government's writ in Pakistan saying it is tattered and on the threshold of slipping into the hands of organizations which have already gripped the country's north-west. (ANI)

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