Oz fitness trainer piles on the pounds to understand his fat clients

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London, February 25 (ANI): A former model and fitness trainer in Australia is doing all that he can to stick to his New Year's resolution - to pile on more than seven stone.

Melbourne-based Paul James, 32, decided to gain more weight because he wanted to understand his fat gym clients.

The former model, who has strutted his stuff on catwalks in Tokyo and Milan, has had his Adonis-like 121/2st frame ballooned to 151/2st, and is on the way to his target of 20st.

Paul is relying upon kebabs, pasta, cream sauces, chocolate and other calorific carbohydrate diets to gain weight.

The former teetotaller even drinks beers every night.

"It was difficult to relate to overweight gym members so I'm experiencing life as an overweight person," the Sun quoted him as saying.

Paul says that once he hits 20st, he would hold his weight until June, and then try to lost the pounds by early October.

He even sees a doctor for check-ups every week.

Dr. Matt Capehorn, of the UK's National Obesity Forum, warns: "Weight gain of this kind could increase the dangers of diabetes and high blood pressure." (ANI)

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