Estelle says her diva attitude is justified

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Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): Singer Estelle says that the 'Diva' title given to her does not bother her, as she does 'throw a strop' from time to time.

Although Estelle admits to throwing tantrums, she is not reluctant to mention that her bratty behavior is justified, as she has a perfectionist nature.

The 'American Boy' hitmaker is also aware of the fact that due to her frequent tantrums, half of her staff hates her.

"I throw diva strops every day. My team probably hates me 20 per cent of the time. It may be higher," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

She insists that she only lashes out on her team to put her point across, and to obtain the required goal.

"But I don't go diva for no reason - I only make myself heard so we get things done and it looks the best it could look. They all understand," Estelle added. (ANI)

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