Didier Drogba's wife's dust-up with cleaner!

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London, Feb 12: Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba's wife had to call the cops after she had a bust-up with her cleaner, who refused to leave unless she was paid her wages.

Candy Price, 32, had walked out of the 24million pounds Chelsea striker's mansion after she became fed up with the couple's demands, and returned the next day to claim her wages, which she said amounted to 430 pounds.

But when Price asked Drogba's partner Lalla Diakite for the money, she refused to pay her, making the housekeeper decide to sit with a pal outside the 4million pounds house in Oxshott, Surrey.

When she refused to move, Diakite, whose husband gets 115,000 pounds a week, called the cops.

"All I wanted was the money owed to me," the Sun quoted Price, of West Drayton, Middlesex, as saying.

"Drogba's partner kept telling me she would put it in the post, but I knew she didn't have my address.

"Two representatives from Chelsea arrived first and asked me to move. They then left and the police turned up.

"I explained the situation to the officers, who went inside. They came out 20 minutes later with a cheque for 430 pounds.

"I'm angry that I had to go through all that hassle to get 430 pounds from a man who earns more than 100,000 pounds a week," she added.

A spokesman for Ivory Coast ace Drogba, 30, said the couple did not owe the cleaner any money.

"They owed the cleaner no money. He is on international duty and his wife is pregnant on her own and doesn't speak much English," the spokesman said.

Adding: "The cleaner sat outside shouting threats, banging on the gate, ringing the intercom, so Didier's wife was scared and called police. They advised her to give a cheque to go away, which she did."


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