Brits dying to have old traditions back

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London, Jan 31: People in Britain are craving for the return of their old traditions, with most of them being desperate to buy fuel in gallons and get letters and postcards again, instead of the present-day e-mails.

The finding results from a survey, which has also shown that Brits would love to see classic sweets like Marathon bars and Opal Fruits revert to those names instead of modern Snickers and Starburst.

Seventy-two per cent of those surveyed said that what the country needed was the good old-fashioned British bobby back on the neighbourhood beat, like Nick Berry's character in Heartbeat.

Furthermore, there were 52 per cent people who said that they would love to see more and more children playing out on the streets, instead of playing video games or sitting before the idiot box.

Many television fans even reported that they would want programmes like Top Of The Pops and Only Fools And Horses to return, but with new episodes, not repeats.

"Sometimes there is just a good feeling about older products," the Daily Star quoted a spokesman for OnlineOpinions, which carried out the research, as saying.

What Brits miss:

1 Bobbies on beat 72 per cent

2 Snow at Christmas 59 per cent

3 Top Of The Pops 53 per cent

4 Kids playing in street 52 per cent

5 Opal Fruits 44 per cent

6 Apprenticeships 44 per cent

7 Only Fools And Horses 44 per cent

8 Red phone boxes 43 per cent

9 C and A 42 per cent

10 Steam trains 40 per cent

11 Postcards 38 per cent

12 Ask Jeeves 37 per cent

13 Fuel in gallons 37 per cent

14 Letter writing 35 per cent


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