Slum dwellers protest against 'Slumdog' in Patna

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Slum dwellers protest 'Slumdog' in Patna
Patna, Jan 28: Slum dwellers took to the streets in protest against the use of the word 'dog' in the Oscar-nominated film 'Slumdog Millionaire' here on Wednesday, Jan 28.

Protesters shouted slogans saying the film's title was humiliating for them. Amit Kumar, President of the Patna Slum Community, said that the title of the film was offensive and a reminder of how the British used to treat Indians in colonial times.

On Monday, Jan 26 protesters tore down posters of the film and ransacked a movie theatre that was showing the movie. The movie, Slumdog Millionaire, is a rags to riches story of small kid living in the slums of Mumbai. It has won 10 Oscar nominations and four Golden Globe awards.

According to sources, a case has also been filed against an actor, the music director (A R Rahman) and two other people associated with the film in a local court. The case will be heard on February 5.



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