Palin fan 'mistakenly' bids on effigy with noose on eBay!

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Washington, Jan 25 (ANI): A Sarah Palin supporter won an eBay auction to own a mannequin of the Alaska governor, only to find out that the look-alike statue was actually an effigy that was hung by a noose in front of a West Hollywood home last Halloween.

The Los Angeles Times has revealed that the buyer quoted a 2,247.22 dollars price for the mannequin in the auction that ended January 22.

However, the buyer found himself cheated after he came to know about the auction on talk radio and has now changed his mind, reports CBS News.

Chad Michael Morrisette, a professional window dresser who created the Palin look-alike, said the buyer thought he was buying a pro-Palin item but came to know the truth much later.

The Palin mannequin made headlines after Morrisette hung it from the roof as part of a Halloween display last October.

However, Morrisette hasn't yet revealed if he will put the item back up for auction.

The statue was first listed on eBay with a photo depicting the noose, but was later changed to a photo without the neckwear after eBay pulled the listing last weekend.(ANI)

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