HRCP asks India-Pakistan to de-escalate rising war fears

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Lahore, Jan.4 (ANI): While international diplomatic efforts are on to tone down tensions between India and Pakistan, civil society in both countries has urged de-escalation to stem rising war fears.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has urged both countries to change their respective stances regarding the present crisis.

Commenting on the present scenario, Asma Jahangir of the HRCP said: "People with vested interests are aggravating war sentiments among the people of India and Pakistan, as a result of which the public is paying up a huge price."

Addressing a press conference, Jahangir accepted the fact that Pakistan cannot afford a war because of its internal crisis.

She said the forces responsible for stirring war hysteria are the ones that do not want democracy to flourish in Pakistan.

HRCP director, IA Rehman too supported Jahangir's call. He asked the leaderships of both India and Pakistan to resist any temptation to violate one another's territorial integrity.

"Both nations should focus on more pivotal issues such as poverty, provision of food, homelessness and unemployment. The Governments of both the countries should ensure security of life and guarantee essentials such as water, gas, electricity and social services to the public," the Daily Times quoted Rehman, as saying.

"Terrorism should be countered through mutual understanding and constructive efforts rather than military confrontation," he added. (ANI)

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