Pakistan should stop blame game

Written by: Ashwini Anish
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Bangalore: 'Ask India to stop terror cells and anti-Pakistani propaganda', said Pakistan's Parliament on Wednesday, Dec 24. Pakistan should stop giving the world a snow job. India has proof against the involvement of Pakistan in the Mumbai terror attacks (Azam Amir Kasav, the lone terrorist captured in the 26/11 attacks). According to the terrorist, Pakistan is the mastermind of the 26/11 attacks.

Kasav also wrote a letter to Pakistan stating about its involvement, but Pakistan denied saying that it did not receive any letter. Pakistan is making all-out efforts to save its face. Regarding this, even the international community has taken a staunch opposition against Pakistan.

Today, Pakistan Intelligence Agencies also claimed of arresting an Indian spy responsible for Lahore blasts on Wednesday, Dec 24. The arrest seems to be a pre planned event by Pakistan. Pakistan has created evidence resembling what India has collected from Kasav. Pakistan intelligence claims to have recovered a letter connecting India to the Lahore blasts. This reminds one of Kasav's letter to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Kayani also had stated that Pakistan was all equipped to retaliate within minutes if India strikes at Pakistan. Need to wait and watch what all comes out of Pakistan's bag of tricks to escape from accusations.



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