Senior citizens piqued by tough rules for Obama's swearing in ceremony

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Washington, Dec 22 (ANI): Some of the senior citizens will not be able to watch US President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony in person due to prohibitions on strollers near the Capitol.

Tough rules have been instituted for individuals wanting to attend Obama's inauguration, forcing some to rethink their plans to come to the Washington D.C. on January 20 for the historic oath of office of the nation's first Black president, FOX News reported.

Among other items, thermoses, coolers, silly string, backpacks and lawn chairs will be banned along the parade route. Those objects and strollers are also prohibited up on the Capitol, where Obama will be sworn into office at the West Front Capitol.

Officials say they are limiting the items to be brought in for safety reasons -- they don't want people bogged down if they need to clear an area.

"The more you bring, the more difficult it's going to make your movement," said Sgt. Robert LaChance, a spokesman for the US Park Police, which patrols the National Mall.

For those 240,000 people with the up-close tickets, umbrellas and posters will also be forbidden on the Capitol grounds, though they will be permitted along the parade route.

Signs or placards must be made of cardboard, poster board or cloth and not larger than 3 feet by 20 feet.

People with seats further out on the Mall will endure more lax rules, but alcohol is prohibited as are glass bottles and no tents will be allowed.

Of course, nowhere along the way will weapons, fireworks or pepper spray be allowed.

On the National Mall, people aren't required to have tickets though security will check them. The Secret Service is running security operations and hasn't said what the checks will entail, FOX News reported.

"The ground rules for the Mall encourage the greatest number of participants and we've made it as welcoming as possible," said Kevin Griffis, a spokesman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

D.C. officials and the National Park Service are expecting anywhere from 1-3 million people for the inauguration. They say the inconvenience is a small price to pay to witness history in the making. (ANI)

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