Archaeologists discover two tombs from Egypt's 5th dynasty

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Cairo, Dec 22 (ANI): An archeological mission of the Egyptian Higher Council of Antiquities (EHCA) has announced the discovery of two rock-cut tombs at Saqqara that date back to Egypt's 5th Dynasty (2323-2356 BC).

According to a report in The Earth Times, the tombs were found at the el-Deir bridge area in the Saqqara necropolis near Cairo, the site where the rulers of Egypt's Old Kingdom were buried, and some 400 meters south of the step pyramid of King Djoser.

EHCA Secretary General Zahi Hawas said one of the tombs belonged to Iya-Maat, who supervised the construction mission of King Unas, the last ruler of the 5th Dynasty.

Iya-Maat brought limestone from the Tura area, granite from the Aswan and red bricks or mafet from the western Desert.

He bore several titles, including "supervisor of the king's property."

The second tomb belonged to 5th Dynasty singer Thinh. A lintel at the front of the tomb is engraved with the singer's various titles, including "supervisor of all singers."

A relief showing such a singer during a performance is found on one of the tomb's walls.

Despite Unas' long rule, very little is known about him and the society where he headed. Some believe the end of his rule marked the end of the golden age of Egypt's the Old Kingdom. (ANI)

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