Gordon Brown's wife talks of her pain following parents' split

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London, Dec 18 (ANI): British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's wife Sarah has for the first time talked about the pain and agony she went through when her parents got divorced.

Speaking with The Sun's agony aunt Deidre Sanders as part of a Government drive to help families going through splits, the lady revealed that her parents parted ways when she was just eight years old.

After the split, Brown, now a mum of two sons, was left fearing for her future as well as that of younger brothers Sean and Bruce after the split.

She and her brothers worried about moving home and changing school and at the same time tried to cope with the loss of their father from their lives

Deidre has penned a guide called Kids In The Middle, an Agony Aunt's Guide for Parting Parents and Their Children.

"Like so many other people in Britain today, I knew the pain of a family break-up when I was growing up," The Sun quoted Brown as writing.

She added: "I remember that feeling of anxiety and uncertainty about what the future held for us, compounded by the upheaval of moving house and changing school.

"The action we are taking together today - including Deidre's brilliant new guide for parents and their children - has one common mission: to say to every young child from a broken home, and to their parents and teachers: this is no longer the problem we don't think about or talk about. You will no longer be left alone to fend for yourself."

After the divorce, Sarah's mum Pauline and dad Iain met new partners and remarried.

However, the wife of PM Gordon, revealed how her parents worked hard to have a friendship for the good of their kids.

Sarah's dad died last year in Ireland, of which she has made a mention in her introduction to the book she edited on 'Dads'.

She wrote: "In losing my father in 2007 I understood better the sudden exposure you feel when one of the central pillars of your life is no longer there to hold the sky above you. I have been fortunate to have had a close relationship with my dad and my stepfather since I was young child." (ANI)

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