Pak nuke experts offered Osama N-weapons: Book

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Islamabad, Dec 15: The controversial nuclear expert of Pakistan A Q Khan (known as the father of Islamic bomb) is again in the lime light, again for the wrong reason. According to a book, 'The Man from Pakistan' written by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins, two of Khan's close associates offered to sell nuclear weapon technology to Osama Bin Laden.

Chaudiri Abdul Majeed and Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood apparently made a trip to Kandahar where they discussed the sale of crucial weapons technology to the al Qaeda supremo. The book says that the meeting ended inconclusively after Osama Bin Laden was forced to flee the mountains in North West Afghanistan.

The book reveals that during their visit to Afghanistan to meet Osama the two Pak scientists had even set up a non-profit organisation, to carry out relief work in Afghanistan, including advising the Taliban on scientific matters. And, according to the book, 'The Man From Pakistan - the true story of the world's most dangerous nuclear smuggler AQ Khan' before leaving, Osama bin Laden had told his followers that "something great was going to happen, and Muslims around the world were going to join them in the holy war". A couple of weeks later, the twin towers in New York were brought down.

The 414-page book best seller depicts Mahmood as a person who sympathesis for the Taliban and other Islamic extremists. It says that Mahmood had advocated sharing Pakistan's nuclear weapons technology with other Islamic nations to hasten the 'end of days', which he believed would give rise to Muslim dominance in the world.


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