Chinese told not to wear pyjamas in public!

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London, Dec 13 (ANI): Community leaders in Shanghai have set out to tackle city's most intractable social problems - wearing pyjamas in public.

The neighbourhood committee - a volunteer outpost of the Communist Party - in the city's northeastern district of Rixin has decided that wearing pyjamas in the public should be discouraged.

Guo Xilin, a local official called pyjamas "visual pollution".

"We're telling people not to wear pyjamas in the street because it looks very uncivilised," the Telegraph quoted Xilin as telling local media.

However, one elderly resident said: "Pyjamas are also a type of clothes. It's comfortable, and it's no big deal."

It seems that Shanghai may just be trying to keep up with Beijing.

At the time of Olympics, Beijing's Spiritual Civilisation Committee issued numerous edicts in advance governing citizens' behaviour, ranging from instructions on how to queue, apply make-up and comb your hair, to detailed advice on clothing. (ANI)

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