Public anger in Mumbai swells

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Mumbai, Dec 4 : People from all walks of life joined thousands of Mumbai citizens last night in a protest organised through text messages and facebook to protest against last week's attacks and the government's failure to prevent them.

The protest was the biggest outpouring of public anger and frustration since Wednesday's attacks that killed over 170 people.

Around 10,000 protesters, many holding candles and flowers, marched from all over Mumbai and congregated at the Gateway of India, close to the Taj Mahal hotel, scene of a 60-hour siege.

Holding placards and banners condemning terrorism, they raised slogans against Pakistan and Indian politicians.

"I just want to say wake up. If we don't do something now, we will never do anything. What politicians are doing? After vote, they sit idle and return after five years with the old bundle of promises," said Sangeeta, a resident.

While another protestor vowed to flush out garbage from our own society to wipe out terror from the country.

"The existing problem will not be solved by merely blaming Pakistan, but we will have to remove garbage from ourselves. Be it in politics and among civilians. You will always find that our own people including politicians, policemen and individuals support the outsiders. I believe that if our people will stop supporting militants then no one can attack us," said Murari Kumar Singh, another resident.

Text messages ridiculing politicians are circulating fast. One read: "Don't worry about terrorists coming by boat, they will end up dead. Worry more about those who come by your vote."

A steel-making company even brought out a full page advertisement on Wednesday mourning the dead while also urging people to vote out corrupt politicians.

Public anger was being vented as much through the Internet as on the streets of Mumbai.

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