CCTV video of Mumbai attacks released

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Mumbai, Dec 3: On Tuesday, Dec 2 Indian Railways has reportedly released CCTV video footage of the gun battle between militants and security personnel at the crowded Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal (CST). Meanwhile the Mumbai police sources said that the investigation is on and are interrogating many possible suspects in the attacks. But so far not arrests are made other than the one militant whom they had captured alive.

Hasan Gafoor, Mumbai Police Commissioner also scotched rumours that more than ten militants had been involved in the rampage on two luxury hotels, a railway station and a Jewish centre. Investigators said that a former Pakistani Army officer led the training organised by the Lashker-e-Toiba militant group. "The ship which carried the attackers to Mumbai came from Karachi", said Gafoor. On arrival, the militants fanned out in five taxis in which they planted explosives. Two of them went off, while the other three were defused.

"Terrorists had come from Karachi by ship. They hijacked a trawler and by that trawler they came very close to Mumbai shores. From there, they came to Cuffe Parade on rubber dinghy. And from that point they reached to five different places, after boarding taxis," he added.

He added that the gunmen and his fellow militants studied commando tactics for a year or more.

Gafoor declined to give more information as the probe was in the operational stage.

"We really cannot disclose much because the investigation is in its operational stage. Disclosing operational and strategic information would be harmful to the investigation," he said.

He further said Azam Amir Kasav, the only gunmen of the ten not killed by commandos, told investigators he is a Pakistani citizen from Punjab.

Gafoor declined to comment about the nationalities of the nine militants killed by commandos. He also ruled out any direct local support for the attack and said no hotel employee was involved.

He also mentioned that each of the militants was carrying one AK-47 assault rifle with 300 rounds, one pistol and several grenades.

To a question on the involvement of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Britain's Scotland Yard sleuths in the probe, he clarified that the Mumbai Police was sharing information with these two set-ups and other world security agencies.


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