Gadget that turns iPod into breathalyser hits UK markets

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London, December 2 : A gizmo that can convert an iPod into a breath analyser is up for grabs in the UK.

The iBreath, which can be plugged into the music system, consists of a tube, which when blown through, reveals the results if the user is over the legal drinking limit.

The 55-pound gadget, which had created a frenzy in the American markets two years ago, further functions as a radio transmitter - to play music from the iPod in the car.

However, health experts have put out a word of caution saying that the device might boost 'false confidence', reports the Sun.

Sun GP Dr Carol Cooper said: "This will tell you how much alcohol is on your breath, not how much you are impaired by it. This varies from person to person.

"You could still be arrested for dangerous or reckless driving even if you're within the limit."

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