Patil wanted intercourse with terrorists!!

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Bangalore, Dec 1: Here are some statements made by our Ex-Home Minister, Shivraj Patil during his tenure.

PS: Read at your own risk as they are highly hilarious.
The first goof up of Shivraj Patil was when he took charge as the Home Minister. He said, "We are ready for a meaningful intercourse with the terrorists." Comparing Sarbjith Singh, an Indian on the death row in Pakistan who New Delhi claims is a case of mistaken identity, with that of Mohammad Afzal, the Kashmiri terrorist convicted in Parliament attack case.he said, "You want Afzal Guru to be hanged. (At the same time) you are saying that don't hang a person who has gone to Pakistan (Singh)....These people (the BJP) want others to be hanged. What are you doing? You are saying don't hang that person (Singh) and you say hang this person (Guru) here".

The goof ups didnot end here. Heres one more, "There are bits of information available with us (about the designs of terrorists)...what we do not have is the time and place of the attack." Mr Patil in the wake of twin Hyderabad blasts in Aug 2007.

"The terrorists are trying to spread fear and terror among people across the country through their evil designs. We will not allow them to succeed in it." Mr Patil soon after the Sep 13 blasts in Delhi, which were followed by the Assam blasts on Oct 30.

"I will resign only when the Congress President Sonia Gandhi tells me to go." Mr Patil reacting to the Opposition's demand for his papers soon after the Delhi blasts.

"Naxalism in India is presented by some in a manner which does not give the correct picture. On occasions, it is said that 10 states in India, nearly 180 districts, are affected. It means that one-third of the country is affected. If one village in a district is affected, it is treated that one district is affected. If one or two districts of a state are affected, it does not mean that all districts in the state are affected."Mr Patil in his address to the annual DGP meet in November 2008...a day after, prime minister termed Naxalism the country's biggest security challenge. Looks like Mr Patil is confused with the term 'Naxalism'.

"The Government is not interested in using weapons. They (the Naxalites) are our brothers and sisters and we know that this is a socio-economic problem rather than one of law and order. We can solve these problems through dialogue and discussions." Mr Patil in April 2005. When criticised during a discussion in the Rajya Sabha for sympathising with Red terror, he said there was "nothing wrong in calling those born in India as our brothers and sisters."

"Main so gaya, main patte khel raha hoon, main daru peeke baitha hoon, main dance club jaata hoon toh aap mujhe dosh dijiye (Blame me if I am sleeping (on the job), playing cards, drinking and whiling away time and frequenting dance clubs)." Mr Patil irritated at criticism after he was seen in three different suits on the day of the Delhi serial blasts in Sep.

"Before I could reach there, the terrorists who had attacked one of the hospitals, the Cama Hospital, had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left." Mr Patil, soon after visiting the Mumbai attack sites.

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