Mobile footage reveals Mumbai terrorist played 'dead' to escape

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London, Dec 1 : Dramatic new mobile footage has revealed that a frenzied lynch mob tried to kill sole surviving Mumbai terrorist Azam Kasav after they found that he was playing dead.

According to a report in The Sun, Azam Amir Kasav, 21, a Pakistani national, was caught with another gunman after a Skoda they had hijacked was halted at a road block on the night of November 26.

Armed cops opened up on the car, killing Kasav's comrade instantly. A passer-by captured the unfolding scene on video using his mobile.

It shows cops suddenly realizing that the blood-spattered Kasav, who had a bullet-wound to his hand, had been playing dead. In the footage, he is seen crouching in a ball on the ground as two vengeful policemen lay into him, smashing wooden staves on his back. Passers-by then join in the beating, raining punches and kicks on the killer.

But, senior cops finally stepped in to save Kasav, who's the only survivor of the ten-strong terror gang that left at least 174 dead and 330 wounded.

The attack is so ferocious that it seems Kasav might succumb to his injuries.

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