Status Quo says Oasis' music is anything but 'rock'

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London, November 29 : The frontman of 'Status Quo' Francis Rossi has said that he thinks rock band 'Oasis' is anything but rock 'n roll.

The rock veteran, who with fellow band legend Rick Pafitt will soon release their new single 'It's Christmas Time', said that he found the Manchester band dull and 'boring', reports the Sun.

He said: "What always comes to mind is Oasis. They call themselves a rock band and they stand there looking at the floor. Bored s***less they look. I'm not saying they're a bad band, but that to me isn't rock 'n' roll."

The lead guitarist concentrated much of his disapproval on Liam Gallagher, who along with older brother Noel Gallagher is the co-founding member of 'Oasis' and the band's leading songwriters.

He added: "That fella is still trying to pretend he's 20 and he's angry and really annoyed with his brother apparently. And he has got a really grumpy face and he has to stand there with the f*****g hump.

"Now, I don't believe that anymore. I may have believed it some years ago but not still."

Oasis have often been dubbed as "Quoasis" in the past for ripping off Francis and Rick's three chord hit formula.

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