The mystery of Winona Ryder's 82k worth missing jewellery

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London, November 29 : Jewels worth 82,000 pounds loaned to actress Winona Ryder by a top jeweller have reportedly vanished into thin air.

The 'Heathers' star is said to have claimed that she had sealed the diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring in an envelope before handing them over to the front desk at the Madrid hotel, according to French magazine Voici.

However, the mag alleged that the surveillance footage does not show the celebrity returning the envelope, reports the Sun.

Ryder, who had been given community service in 2002 for shoplifting designer clothes and accessories worth 3,000 pounds from a Beverly Hills store, is yet to make a comment if she had failed to return the jewels.

While a spokeswoman confirmed that the precious gems had been loaned to Marie Claire magazine for celebrities to wear to a party, the jeweller Bulgari is reported to be desperate to reach to the bottom of the matter.


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