Terrorist attacks in Mumb alarming signal for NATO:Russ NATO ambss

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Moscow, Nov 28 (UNI) Terrorist attacks in Mumbai are an alarming signal for NATO, Russia's permanent ambassador at NATO Dmitry Rogozin said here today.

''The NATO troops are deployed in Afghanistan now. There are more than 50,000 servicemen of the coalition forces there,'' Mr Rogozin told Vesti news channel, commenting on the deadly attacks in Mumbai.

''The United States should ponder over this issue as maybe they provoke all this by their disproportionate use of force against Pakistan. Without asking for the permission of Pakistan to deliver strikes there, killing civilians, where, as the US assumes, Al-Qaeda gunmen and Talibs are hiding,'' he said.

''This may instigate growth of anti-US radical sentiments in Pakistan,'' he warned, noting ''Pakistan is a nuclear power.'' ''To shatter Pakistan is a catastrophe for the whole region, it is a fiasco for the NATO operation in Afghanistan,'' he added.

''But the most important thing is that it is a problem for us and for our security, as this territory is only several hundred kilometres away,'' the NATO ambassador said.

''This is why I would take with particular responsibility the analysis of the situation in Pakistan and the actions of gunmen, particularly against foreigners in India,'' he added.

''It is a big problem, it is not a domestic conflict. This may spark up so brightly that, as pessimist experts assume, may lead to serious military conflicts in southern Russia in 10-15 years,'' Mr Rogozin said.


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