Mumbai under seige: Live Report

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Just in:-AFP correspondent, three others injured in crossfire at Taj

05:25 28/11/2008

-Mumbai terror attacks: Death toll rises to 155

04:35 28/11/2008

-Operation still on at Taj Hotel

-Islamabad denies any role in the ongoing Mumbai terror strikes

-Mah Dy CM: 9 terrorists killed, 1 caught

-Pranab: Primary information suggests Pak hand in terror attacks

-Firing resumes at Nariman house, commandos engage enemy at Nariman House

04:20 28/11/2008

-30 bodies found in Oberoi

-Commando operations still on at Taj: NSG DG

-Police: Some people still inside Taj

-Oberoi injured taken to Breach Candy Hospital

-Dawn:India requests Pak to send ISI chief

03:38 28/11/2008

-Operation still on at Taj Hotel

-Police chief: Some people still inside Taj

-Police: Satellite phone found in a boat

-Some hostages feared killed at Oberoi

03:12 28/11/2008

-Oberoi building under NSG control

-NSG: All rooms sanitised

-DG NSG: All operations over at Oberoi

-DG NSG: 2 terrorists killed in Oberoi Hotel

03:00 28/11/2008

-Operations over at Oberoi Trident and rooms being sanitised, Oberoi under control says NSG

-DG NSG: sanitising each and every room

-Navy commandos: At least 12 dead at Taj Hotel

02:45 28/11/2008

-Final assault at Taj and Oberoi Hotel

-4th and 5th Floor of Nariman House cleared

-Heavy firing at Nariman house

-Terrorists said to have set up 'control rooms' in Taj, Oberoi.

-Pak Defence Minister: Pak played no role in Mumbai terror attacks, India should avoid knee-jerk reactions, both India and Pak should jointly combat terror

-LeT denies involvement

-Around 50 commandos surrounding Nariman House, NSG snipers take positions at Nariman house

-Reports: People still being held hostage at Nariman House

-Encounter rages on, 2 choppers airdrop NSG commandos at Nariman house

02:25 28/11/2008

-Continuous gun firing on at Taj

-Mobile jammers activated across Mumbai to stop panic

-ATS Chief: No reports of firing in CST

-Terrorist pinned on 3rd floor of Nariman House

-6 hostages killed, 100 rescued at Oberoi: NSG

02:05 28/11/2008

-Fresh firing at Taj Hotel

-Three gunshots heard at GT Hospital

01:50 28/11/2008

-Terrorists were aware of Taj layout: Marine Commandos

-Oberoi hotel is 'totally clear'

01:20 28/11/2008

-Deshmukh: Over 100 people evacuated from Oberoi

-Firing intensifies at Nariman House

-I-card of Mauritius found

- Oberoi: Credit cards found

-CM Deshmukh visits Oberoi

-Hostages feared dead in Oberoi,

-Deshmukh: Operation will be over in one hour

12:50 28/11/2008

-NSG: At least six hostages killed at Oberoi Trident Hotel

-Heavy gunfire and grenade explosions have been reported from the Taj Hotel. Media has been asked to stop broadcast for it is believed that terrorists holed up inside are getting access to the security forces' movement.

-Fresh firing at Oberoi Hotel

-One terrorist moving inside Taj Hotel

-Firing at reporters

-Fresh firing in Taj Hotel

-Cops, journos take cover

12:25 28/11/2008

-Terrorists not ready to negotiate, threaten to kill hostages

-Firing at Taj Hotel

-One terrorist killed in cross fire at Oberoi

-Have flushed out Taj's new building

-Two explosions heard in Taj Hotel

-All security personnels take cover at Taj hotel

12:06 28/11/2008

-NSG commandos rescue 40 more hostages from Oberoi

-About 8 to 9 commandos have entered Prem Bhawan, near Nariman House, with two cartons of supplies. Heavy gunfire has resumed.

-Exchange of fire in Nariman House

-Some of the hostages killed in Oberoi

-NSG: Number of casualties not known

-1 terroritst killed in Oberoi

-Fresh firing in Oberoi

-Firing on at Nariman House

11:50 28/11/2008

-Operations intensified

-Taj: 2-3 terrorists

-Heavy firing at Nariman House sanitized

-NSG sanitises 4th and 5th floors at Nariman House

-Times of India senior journalist Sabina still missing

-Final stage of operation

11:35 28/11/2008

-40 hostage rescued from Oberoi Hotel

-People rescued: We will come back to defeat terrorism

-GOC: Most hostages in Taj are safe

-Hostages rescued from Taj

-1 terrorist causing a lot of problem

-GOC: Only handful of hostages with terrorists

-GOC: Operation to be over in a few hours

-Guests scared to unlock doors

11:10 28/11/2008

-30 hostages released from Oberoi Hotel

-Army sources: Some terrorists have escaped, no action by Delhi, Maharashtra

-Army sources: Training to terrorists by Pak Army

-Hostage recalls trauma in the Hotel

-NSG operation underway

-NSG storms Nariman House

-NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan killed at Taj

11:00 28/11/2008

-Trident: Army moves in to take control

-Nariman: NSG commandos tighten the noose

-NSG storms Nariman House

-Rescue operation begin at Nariman House

-Army: boats given by Mumbai underworld

-People rescued from Oberoi, several persons being rescued

-25 rescued from Oberoi, mostly foreigners

-Army moves in to take control at Oberoi hotel

10:40 28/11/2008

-NSG engaged in deleberate operation at Trident

-Nariman: NSG conducting 'top-down' operation

-Evacuations going on in 2 floors of Oberoi

-Management: All guests at Oberoi safe

-NSG operations on at Trident, Taj, Nariman

-Rs 1 crore for security personnels who died during operation: Modi

10:25 28/11/2008

Fresh firing inside the Oberoi Hotel

-Narendra Modi visits Oberoi Hotel

-Modi blames Pakistan

-Modi: Attack on india's sovereignty

-Modi: Terrorsim must be removed from root

10:10 28/11/2008

-IAF: Joint operation by IAF, NSG and Army

-125 killed and 327 hurt in terror attacks

-IAF choppers at Oberoi

-More Army at Oberoi

-NSG reaches second floor of Nariman house

-Smoke coming out of Taj dome

-Army: Operation at Taj and Oberoi take time

-Army: 15-16 hostages inside Taj

10:00 28/11/2008

-NSG commandos move to resolve crisis

-Encounter rages on at Nariman house

-Firing continuous at Nariman house

09:45 28/11/2008

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