India focussed too much on Pak militants: Pak daily

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Islamabad, Nov 28: Indian intelligence agencies completely failed in preventing the Mumbai terror strikes because of their 'overwhelming focus' on Pakistan-based militant groups all these years. And, the focus has been so sharp that the Indian spy agencies have forgotten to control the spread of homegrown terrorism, said an article in Pakistan daily The News. It said that more than one-third of Indian territory was affected by home-grown terrorism.

"All of India's intelligence agencies have failed, and the most critical element in their collective failure is their overwhelming focus on Pakistan-based militant groups. So intense has been this focus that India's homegrown militant entities have spread like wildfire all through India's 2,973,190 sq km of land mass. According to South Asia Terrorism Portal, "at least 231 of the India's 608 districts are currently afflicted, at differing intensities, by various insurgent and terrorist movements," the paper said.

It added: Over the past five decades, India has been up against three distinct types of militancy: Left-wing extremist, separatist and religious. Left-wing extremist groups that have engaged in terrorist activity include People's Guerrilla Army, People's War Group, Moist Communist Centre, Communist Party of India-Maoist and Communist Party of India Janashakti. In Assam, there are at least 35 known separatist groups. In Manipur, there's the People's Liberation Army. In Meghalava, there's the People's Liberation Front of Meghalava. Nagaland has at least three known insurgent entities; Punjab has 12, Tripura has 30 and Mizoram has 2. Then there's Arunachal Dragon Force in Arunachal Pradesh.

Suggesting that Pakistan was also a terror-victim like India and rest of the world, the report said: "In 2006, a total of 2,765 Indians died in terrorism-related violence (that same year, 1,471 Pakistanis died in terrorism-related violence). Of the 2,765 Indians, who lost their lives, 41 per cent were killed in Jammu and Kashmir, 27 per cent of all victims died because of Left-wing extremism, 23 per cent because of insurgencies and 10 per cent from militant groups based on religion."

Putting a question mark as to who was behind Mumbai attacks, the report said: "Is it India's left-wing extremists, separatists or India's homegrown Jihadi militants? Many a finger are pointing at India's home-grown Jihadi militants but we may never find out for sure. The Mumbai attacks, however, is a wake-up call for the global intelligence community for them to rise up to the challenge and focus their collective energies in the right direction."


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