Education ministry reduces Class X syllabus

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Chennai, Nov 25: In an attempt to design a easy syllabus for school children, certain portions considered difficult in Class X science and mathematics of the SSLC stream have been deleted. Select concept areas, example problems and exercise problems will be excluded from the syllabus for the public examination, School Education Minister Thangam Thennarasu said here on Monday, Nov 24.
This syllabus, with certain portions deleted, will be followed from the half-yearly examination to be held soon, he added.

In mathematics, students will not be tested on certain specified areas in modular arithmetic, relations and functions, relation between roots and co-efficients, formation of LPP, combined standard deviation and trapezoidal rule.

In physics, chemistry and biology too, certain portions identified as 'very difficult' have been deleted. In physics, portions of topics including Path of a projectile, Deduction of Newton's Law of gravitation from Kepler's Law and the Properties of alpha, beta, and gamma rays have been removed.

In chemistry, portions of topics including Effect of catalyst, Manufacture of steel and Laboratory preparation of Ammonia have been deleted.

In Biology, certain questions pertaining to wind pollination, cultivation of Ragi and plasmids have been removed.

"Students were studying what is learnt at B.Sc level. Why should we unnecessarily tax them?' the Minister asked.

Following requests from students, teachers, parents and academician, the Department constituted an experts' committee a few months ago to look into the matter and identify portions that could be done away with.

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