Microsoft announces GGS for Windows Vista

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New Delhi, Nov 24: Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd on Monday, Nov 24 announced the availability of the Get Genuine Solution (GGS) for Windows Vista whereby Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) can easily legalise their counterfeit or unlicensed Windows Vista PCs. So far, customers were able to legalize their counterfeit or unlicensed Windows XP Professional PCs under GGS. Businesses with five or more copies of unlicensed Windows Vista software now have to simply place an order with their reseller to legalize their counterfeit software. Once the order is placed, businesses will receive genuine Windows Vista related license materials.

They will also become eligible for further updates and constant enhancements under the Windows Genuine Advantage Program. In addition, they will have the option of enrolling for Microsoft's Software Assurance (SA) program that makes them eligible for future updates of the software including Windows 7.

Launched last year, GGS has received an overwhelming response from businesses across the country. Over 5000 small enterprises and SMBs have already taken advantage of this initiative since the launch. GGS is aimed at easing the pain that businesses face while migrating to original software and allows them to derive greater value out of their technologies.

It is a simple, cost-effective and practical solution that will help SMBs easily migrate to original software and can therefore rest assured of the security that it provides to their business. Due to its strong dependency on the channel community, GGS also helps resellers strengthen their customer relationships and create an ongoing value to their business.

Commenting on the announcement, Rajeev Mittal, Group Director, Small and Medium Enterprise, Microsoft India said, "GGS has been well received by our SMB customers across the country. In less than a year, we have sold over 90,000 licenses through this initiative. With the inclusion of Windows Vista in GGS, we expect an even better response from our SMB customers. Considering the high levels of piracy in the country, it is our constant endeavor to make the access of original software easy and viable for our customers. Our customers can now effortlessly legalize their counterfeit or unlicensed software and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced performance, reliability and security provided by Windows Vista cost effectively."

With piracy levels in the Indian market as high as 69 per cent, there is a large number of businesses with existing PCs in need of legalization due to counterfeit, under-licensing, mis-licensing and version piracy scenarios. According to a study on The Economic Benefits of Lowering PC Software Piracy 2008 a ten point reduction in PC software piracy would deliver an additional 44,000 new jobs, 200 million dollars in tax revenues, and 3.1 billion dollars in economic growth in India.


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