Madge made secret dossier on Ritchie's 'boozing and sexist behaviour'

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London, Nov 23 : Queen of pop Madonna is said to have made a secret dossier on Guy Ritchie's "boozing and sexist behaviour" to get a low-key quickie divorce.

Madonna ordered her staff to prepare the damning dossier and she later handed the pages over to her lawyer as "evidence", stating to her friends that she was going to bury Ritchie.

"I'm going to bury him," News of the World quoted her as having told her friends.

The singer had compiled the secret file, which had not been released in court, to give support to her custody fight for the three kids, but she calmed down following a tearful call from her daughter Lourdes, 12, to Ritchie.

Though most thought that the divorce case was amicable, a member of Madonna's inner circle revealed otherwise, saying Madge had gone to lengths to get her way.

"Madonna had Guy over a barrel. She was determined to come out of this smelling of roses-and that she would not be the next Heather Mills by dragging it out in a very public way," the source said.

"Madonna was angry because she felt Guy had welshed on the deal that they would keep the happily married image going until the end of her current tour.

"So she became determined to paint him as a drunken, lewd sexist," the source stated.

Madonna, 50, angered by his lads' nights out, roped in her workers to help.

"She got staff to keep a record of every time he was out late or made an off-colour comment. It was bizarre as he's not a heavy drinker or abusive. He doesn't drink any more than the next man," the source revealed.

"But she was trying to show he'd be a bad influence on the kids, which is rubbish. Guy's a devoted dad and the kids adore him," the source added.

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