Abundance of water may bring prosperity to Bihar,says world study

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Patna, Nov 23 (UNI) The presence of a large number of water bodies in Bihar could bring a new ray of hope for the state soon, in view of their potential to generate employment and ensure its all round development despite the onset of a huge global economic recession.

This view was expressed by noted environmentalist and former Director, International Institute of Labour Studies, Geneva Dr Gerry Rodgers while speaking at an interactive session with leading intellectuals here last night.

Underlining the huge and untapped potential of water for the future growth of world economy, Dr Rodgers was of the view that if properly managed and executed it would not only boost the effects of globalisation everywhere, including Bihar, but also play a positive role in terms of employment generation and related activities.

He said with the underground crude oil reserve across the globe steadily depleting, the attention of leading world scientists was now fast turning towards the proper usage of water as an alternative source of energy as well for other puposes like employment generation.

If the use of water was properly managed it might open a new vista for launching new phase of globalisation programmes, Dr Rodgers emphasised and said water more than oil could also be the basis of largescale employment generation.

Turning his attention towards Bihar, still considered to be a not so developed industrialised state in outside world, Dr Rodgers felt that poor management of water for agriculture and other purposes despite the abundance scope, had led to the present state of unsatisfactory economiuc growth of the state.

'' If the state's large water bodies and easy flowing rivers could be utilised properly for the benefit of water intensive crops and the growth of industry, they would not only generate huge employment in both rural and urban Bihar, but also make substantial contribution for the progress of its own economy '',Dr Rodgers poinited out on the basis of an in-depth research and study on the issue.

Speaking in favour of globalisation and its positive effects across the globe, including the Third World Countries, the former IILS Chief pointed out that since it had made a major contribution towards creating low quality workforce in various sectors, Bihar could have reaped a huge benefit in the state's large agriculture and agro-based sectors because of the availability of its large low cost labour force.

However, at the end, in terms of providing a silver lining the whole issue, Dr Rodgers felt that as the rest of the world was now more concerned about the ill-effects of global warming and the rise of oceans, the political and intellectual leadership in Bihar have undertaken a number of projects to reap the maximum benefits from the proper management of available water in the state, which aimed, to benefit not only the farmers but also the industrial sectors, planning to set up new units.

A large number of educationists, scientists, environmentalists and other intellectuals were present on the occasion.


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