Mumbai Technique to check drunk-driving likely at other places also

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Mumbai Nov 22 (UNI) An innovative communication technique that has empowered the Mumbai traffic police to check drunk driving is being further developed to control other traffic offences and may be extended to other parts of the country.

The technique involves the traffic policeman sending an SMS about the offender's particulars to a database and getting information about past offences depending on which the quantum of fine/punishment would increase.

The BPL mobile teamed up with the IMImobile to help Mumbai Police track drunk drivers and within two months of having being rolled out, the service has proved its efficiency to serve the Mumbai Police. The service was developed especially for Mumbai Police, providing them with an end to end solution so as to enable them to access the drinking and driving offences' records speedily, crucially and at the scene of the offence via their mobile phones.

''We provided this solution to Mumbai Police free of charge as drink-driving is a dangerous crime and any help we can provide to our busy police force can only be a good thing. We hope to extend this solution to other parts of the country.'' IMImobile Chairman and CEO. Vishwanath Alluri said. The process of developing this further wherein prompt action for other traffic- offences like rash driving, jumping signal, lane cutting, no parking can also be taken, he added.

The BPL mobile has provided this service to the Mumbai police free of cost. ''Its our duty to share social responsibility as we are concerned with every citizen's safety,'' BPL Mobile Vice President Sunzay Passari said.

Launched in September, the service helps Mumbai Police keep track of drunk drivers, by allowing instant access to their previous records, ensuring repeat offenders do not slip through the net and new offenders are added to the list from the outset.

When the Traffic Policeman stops a vehicledriver, all he needs to do is SMS the driver's license number to a confidential shortcode, and receives a prompt SMS in return. If the driver is a repeat offender, the SMS reflects details such as an account of the earlier offences while driving, license and vehicle number, the date and location of the offence, and the type of offence he or she was booked for.

The police can then instantly update the record and also slap a suitable fine or file a case. If the database reflects no previous details the police would book him fresh, add to the record with the current information which will get reflected next time the offender is caught. The service employs an easily accessible mobile database (record) and an interface with add record and update record functions.

''With the support from BPL mobile&IMImobile, our officers can now trace previous convictions of drunk driving within a few seconds. This technology has been very beneficial and will help us maintain more discipline on Mumbai's roads'', Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Traffic police Harish Baijal said.

An added benefit is the fact the system is able to send out SMS alerts on known offenders to the entire police units, especially useful during busy festival or holiday season. The database is confidential with only top ranking officials having full access to it.

''The service was very easy to adhere to right from when it was introduced. It helps us detect repeat offenders who need to be checked then and there for their careless behavior'' Inspectors Shri Dayanand Gavas and Bhagat of Vakola traffic division said.


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