A grand symphony of classical string instrument in Noida

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Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 22 : More than a thousand 'sitar' maestros from different parts of the country and also from abroad came under one roof to perform a grand symphony here last evening.

The evening chill combined with a hair-raising experience of witnessing 'Brahmanaad' (Sounds of the supreme God) orchestra, the first of its kind left the audience spellbound.

The event organised under the aegis of the Art of Living Foundation of Ravi Shankar, a popular spiritual and humanitarian leader aimed at patronizing the classical musicians who are bearing the brunt of modernization with the classical music form losing luster for the youth of the nation.

" We are standing at such a threshold that if we want, we still have the time to save our culture, our age old sciences and art forms. I thank all these musicians and sitar players that they have agreed to perform here. Very few people listen to classical music these days, but they have come here, undeterred and are not only promoting the art form, but are also providing a source of entertainment to others also," Shankar said.

The very congregation of the 1200 maestros performing live on a single platform was an experience in itself. It also served the noble cause of collecting proceeds for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood-affected victims in Bihar that was literally ravaged by one of the worst floods this monsoon.

The musical performance that traces its origin back to the history of Indian music would be showcased again today.

'Brahma Naad' is believed to be the music of the cosmos and that every part of the nature sways to the notes when the 'celestial' performance takesplace.

According to the religious scriptures, the pulsating energy that it creates is the very first sound of creation and the sounds resonate within the human body transporting one to great levels of joy, happiness and love.

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