On-screen chemistry not related to off-screen camaraderie: Katrina

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New Delhi, Nov 21 (UNI) Her brilliant chemistry with Salman Khan, coming across in television promos of Subhash Ghai's 'Yuvvraj' has created a lot of buzz in film circles for the film, with many terming it as an offshoot of the off-screen relationship between the two actors.

The beautiful Katrina Kaif, who is paired in what seems to be an intense romantic relationship with Salman Khan in 'Yuvvraj', however, feels that the on screen relationship or camaraderie between two actors has nothing to do with their on screen chemistry in a film.

''I genuinely believe that your on screen chemistry with an actor is not related to whether or not you know the person. I think it is the script, which allows you to have chemistry or, conversely, not have chemistry,'' Katrina old UNI here on the eve of the release of 'Yuvvraj', which features Katrina and Salman in an intense romantic relationship for the first time.

Katrina, who plays a musician I the film said, ''If you have a scene, which is very well written and there is something electrifying about it, I think people will enjoy it. Conversely it the script is dull, then, even it you are the best of friends of screen and have a great time, I do not think it is going to come across on screen.'' Talking about her pairing in 'Yuvvraj', Katrina said she was happy that their scenes in the film had come across as natural and not forced.

''When I saw portions in the film with Salman and me together, I was happy to see that it did not look forced. It comes across as something, which is spontaneous,''she said.

One aspect about the character of the musician Anushka, played by Katrina that has drawn attention of movie lovers is the fact that in the film, she is seen playing the cello, a musical instrument that absorbs the chaotic noise of the live orchestra.

A lot of preparation went into Katrina's portrayal of the character of an adept cello player, including learning how to play the cello and working on what comes across as a classical and vintage look in the film's promos ''Subhashji got me a wonderful teacher or helping me learn how to play the cello. I spent about two to three weeks with the teacher, Sanjay, placed with the Bombay Orchestra, trying to learn the body posture required to make the character look as realistic as possible.

However, what was really helpful to me was to be able to get the actual Vienna Orchestra. So all those songs you see in the movie, where you have the whole orchestra playing and I am the lead payer, they were actually all players of the Vienna Orchestra. I was able to practice with them in-between shots to help me copy their body language and their style. However, besides that, you have to give it a touch of your own personality as well,' Katrina said.

About her unique look in the movie, Katrina said, ''The look I sport in he film is today's look. But since the musician I play comes from Austria, we wanted to create a certain uniqueness o the clothes. This is because it is very unusual to see on screen a cello player. I do not remember ever seeing that in the movies.'' For Katrina one of the main reasons for doing 'Yuvvraj' was that it was being directed by Subhash Ghai, with whom she is working for the first time.

''I have been a fan of Subhashji's movies. I think, we all have been. Also I wanted to have in my bio-data that the list of films I have done has a film by Subhash Ghai. As an actress, I am happy to have got such a chance,'' she said.

Asked about the secret of her success in Bollywood, Katrina, who has had several hits like 'Namaste London', 'Race' and 'Welcome' to her credit in the last couple of years, said, ''The first part of it has to be the director. As for the rest, it depends on how hard you work on your role. One has to try and be genuine, which is what I have tried to do in all my films and in this film as well. I hope people like it.'' UNI AR SBC PM1225

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