Resonating art through eyes of ten gifted women artists

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New Delhi, Nov 20 (UNI) Resonating muted messages that can pierce through the heart and broaden one's mind, today's ever changing world inspires the present richness of art and its evolution.

''Dus Mahavidyas'', an art exhibition honours, celebrates and acknowledges creative women and encompasses the inspired art work of ten gifted artists.

As versatile and unique as the expression of ''divine feminism'' itself, these women artists have carved in time the acclaimed essence of their innate art.

Showcasing this contemporary art work here at the Indian Habitat Centre by Gallerie Nvya, with a spectrum of style and expression of the artists in their own innovative ways, the collection is a treat for art lovers.

The various accomplished artists presenting their art include names like Arpana Caur, Shobha Broota, Saba Hasan, Kavita Jaiswal, Sangeeta Gupta, Shanta Rao, Jaya Ganguly, Seema Kohli, Pooja Iranna and Gina Brezini.

In the work of renowned Arpana Caur can be seen the intricate observation of ancient Indian sculptures infused with her own modernising myths.

Shobha Broota gave a tint of Jain Cosmology, allowing her canvases to display the spiritual radiance and inner energy. Shanta Rao, known for fusing the traditional with the digital, presents curious blends of silver prints and animated digital images.

Pooja Iranna translates human emotions, experiences and relationships into pristine urban structures.

Gina Brezini from New York, presents the portraits charmed by the perception of reality as revealed in ''a dreamlike world around us''.

Elaborating, Brezini said, ''My work is uniquely suited to capture the multifaceted and complex realities of urban life. It works well in metropolitan areas provoking the mind to explore its individual sense of order with the chaotic life which surrounds us.'' Summing it up in the words of famous art critic Keshav Malik, art is the most solitary of the creative acts and these works of ten goddesses of creative expression suggests a way of life, with a hint of immortal beauty they reconcile darkness and light.


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