Jamaat-e-Islami expresses concern over communal disharmony

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Ahmedabad, Nov 20 (UNI) The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) today organised a procession 'Caravan for Peace and Justice' in the city as part of its nationwide campaign against terrorism and communalism.

The leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami expressed concern over the growing incidents of communal conflict and terror attack, leading to deaths of innocent people and division in the society.

They said ''Unfortunately India has become haven for all kinds of terrorism, and we are witnessing disruptive activities in different brutal police firings and explosions in trains and public places.'' Speaking to mediapersons here, JIH secretary-general Nusrat Ali said the Association was highly concerned about communal clashes, regional fanaticism and terrorism in the country.

Criticising communal violence, police firings, encounter deaths, torture and custodial deaths, he said their association held communal elements in the state machinery responsible for all this.

''The caravan is being taken out to mobilise public opinion against atrocities, injustice and terrorism,'' Mr Ali said, voicing the belief of the JIH that ''most of the people are peace-loving, law-abiding and humane but are passive. The caravan is also an attempt to galvanise people so that evil elements do not dare to execute their designs,'' he said.

Mohammad Shafi of state unit of JIH said the common people had lost faith in the electoral system.

''A person comes to power on the basis of only around 30 per-cent of votes. Going by the last few election records, average voting had not been more than 55 per cent in all elections. This 55 per cent is divided between the contending parties. So, ultimately, the party which assumes power has support of only 30 per cent of the total voters,'' he added.


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