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New Delhi, Nov 20 (UNI) Bihar leads the country in making efforts to empower women and has showcased the heroic success of fair sex and steps taken by the state government at the India International Trade Fair.

The theme for this year's fair is 'Infrastructure Development and Women's Empowerment. It ponders over crucial questions like how emancipated is emancipated enough? Where does the rural woman of India today stand, on the path of empowerment in the public and private spheres? Can a woman be considered emancipated if she is free to work to earn an income, but is not free to spend the income in a way she likes? Or free to fight elections but not to function according to her conscience? It also deliberates on 'How does one go about defining or measuring emancipation of rural women who are oppressed at home and outside by a complex of forces that are independent and yet intimately interconnected? In Bihar, which has been known for talented people through the ages, women are now sharing equal importance in a hitherto male dominated society. Some of the stories of individual successes by women are truly heroic. Theme Hall of Bihar Pavilion in trade fair also showcased stories of women individual successes as well as steps taken by the state government for their empowerment.

For Lal Muni Devi challenge was to survive on her farming skills without having any land of her own to plough. So the poor, uneducated woman from Azad Nagar village in Patna district used her dank, thatched house to grow mushrooms. And now she is in a Mexican gallery of top farmers from Asia.

Kiran is one gutsy lady. Coming from a poor background she has studied only upto class VIII. She started with a tea shop, but in 2001 with a bank loan of Rs 8,000, 'Kiran Sumitra Kabari ki Dukan was born. Today Kiran owns a flourishing business selling junk in Patna. Her profession required her to deal with tough people and an equally tough handling. She has even found a place in the Class IV maths textbook from National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), that is all about maths and real life.

Ragini Devi, from a village in Muzaffarpur district, has been chosen as 'India's first Asadharan Mahila (unusual woman)' for her path-breaking move to take up vegetable cultivation and inspire hundreds of women to take it up as a mean of livelihood.

Two Dalit women from Madhuban' district - Tiliya Devi and Amrika Devi were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005.


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