Das Kapital soon to be launched in Japanese manga comic version

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London, November 18 : A manga comic version of Karl Marx's anti-capitalist book 'Das Kapital' is all set to hit bookshelves in Japan.

The new book will present Marx's complex ideas in such comical format that they will be very easy to understand.

The comic version Das Kapital will be published on December 5 by Tokyo-based publishing company East Press.

The printing of this book is being seen as a sign of resurgence of leftwing literature in Japan, reports the Telegraph.

With the world's second largest economy sinking into recession, according to media reports, a boom in Communist Party membership and a fashionable revival of anti-capitalist literature is being observed in Japan.

Manga has long been elevated to an art form in Japan, with its most high-profile fans including Prime Minister Taro Aso.

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