Bruce Willis says Paul Newman taught him 'about being a man'

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Washington, November 17 : Bruce Willis, who starred along with late Paul Newman in the 1994 movie 'Nobody's Fool', has made it known that the veteran actor had taught him "about being a man".

The actor-singer-producer admitted that he grabbed the opportunity to work with the Hollywood's legendary entertainer, and that it was his senior who taught him what acting was all about.

"What a guy. What a sweet, sweet guy. I did the film without reading the script because he was in it," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

"I learned the biggest thing about acting, being a movie star and about being a man from Paul," he added.

Recalled learning the first and foremost important lesson in acting from the philanthropist, the 'Die Hard' star said: "There was a storm and because of the snow, I was two minutes late on the set one day."

He added: "He yanked me out of the car and said, 'I want to teach you one thing about acting. Punctuality is the courtesy of kings'. I was never late again."

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