The ten things you never knew about Prince Charles

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London, Nov 16 : He might be a public figure, yet there are many things about Prince Charles that are still unknown.

Now, Times Online has provided a list of not very well known facts about the 60-year-old royal.

The 10 things you didn't know about Prince Charles are:

1. When he was born, the fountains in Trafalgar Square ran blue 'for a boy'.

2. It was the first royal birth since the 17th century that wasn't witnessed by a government minister.

3. Charles was christened using water from the River Jordan, a royal tradition thought to stretch back to the Crusades.

4. A video on YouTube claims to offer proof that Prince Charles is the Antichrist.

5. He is the only member of the royal family to have appeared nude in a magazine. Paris Match once printed a picture of him standing naked at the window of a French chateau.

6. He was voted one of the 11 best-dressed men in Europe - at the age of five

7. During a trip to Fiji as a young man, he was entertained by topless women who performed a fertility dance for him.

8. While he was studying at Cambridge, a detective was assigned to look after the prince's laundry in case a student prankster was tempted to steal the royal underpants.

9. On a visit to Manchester in 1983, somebody threw a custard pie in the prince's face, having first asked permission.

10. He was caught drinking underage at 14 when he ordered a cherry brandy at the Crown hotel in Stornaway. He didn't realize a freelance reporter was in the same bar.

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