Modi appeals for co-ordinated efforts against terrorism

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New Delhi, Nov 16 (UNI) In the wake of increasing terrorist attacks, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today urged the international community to come together to fight this menace.

''Terrorism is like a proxy war with the poor nations bearing the brunt. We can not change if we use traditional models or react with knee jerk strategies. There is a need to bring nations together on the issue of terrorism,'' Mr Modi said.

Addressing captains of industry and financial markets at the India Economic Summit here, Mr Modi said the world needs a paradigm shift in mindset to start thinking about humanity rather than thinking about nations as rich, developing or poor.

He, while talking about new models of inclusive growth urged the developed nations to listen to the voice of developing and poor nations by including them in the G-8 or G-20 meetings from time to time. Greater representation of developing nations in the World Bank and the IMF is also needed.

Meanwhile, Mr Modi cautioned the Centre against letting "dirty money" find its way into the banking and financial sector, as India going all out to find capital for its liquidity-starved economy.

''I have placed the issue before the Prime Minister as well. We must be careful and ensure that dirty money does not enter (into our country),'' he said.

He clarified that the dirty money does not refer to the black money, but inflow of funds from overseas sources that could be suspect.

''If dirty money gets into the financial and banking sector, they will dictate for the next 10 years,'' he said.

Mr Modi emphasised the importance of making development a mass movement for inclusive growth and not that of an individual state or corporate house.

"Each individual has to feel a part of the development movement.

This is how Gujarat has developed a new model of inclusive growth", he added.

He gave details of how the state had achieved milestones in areas as diverse as agriculture, health, education and the judiciary.

''This is a good time to build infrastructure, as it will insulate the economy against recessionary forces,'' Mr Modi said.


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