Gwalior's tea vendor addicted to contesting elections

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Gwalior, Nov.16 : A tea vendor in Gwalior has developed a passion to contest elections. He wants to ultimately win it this time in the upcoming Madhya Pradesh State assembly elections mindless of the fact that he has been losing in elections for last 14 years!

Anand Singh Khushwah contested election for the Municipal Corporation house as a Bahujan Samaj Party candidate for the first time in 1994. Since then to win in any election has become the biggest passion for him.

He has contested elections for Municipal body, State Assembly and Lok Sabha (the lower house of Parliament). So much so he applied for the post of President and also Vice President. But his application was denied for not getting anyone to introduce his name and supporters.

But despite everything the Anand doesn't wish to give up. He is determined that he would make it to the successful canditates' list one fine day.

To arrange funds for his electioneering, Anand regularly saves rupees 10 to 12 a day through out the year from his daily earnings at the tea shop. Ahead of the elections, Anand is trying to woo voters with a free cup of tea.

This time I am contesting for State Assembly elections from Gwalior (South) seat. I also tried contesting for presidential elections, but my application got rejected. Now I just want to win the elections once, it's a passion for me," said Anand Kushwah, an independent contestant in elections for Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha.

Gangadevi, wife of Anand Kushwah never liked the idea of her husband jumping into the electoral fray. But looking at her dedication and obsession for politics, she has stopped protesting and instead supporting him.

"Initially, I was really apprehensive about this whole election thing. I always used to request my husband to forget about this passion. But he is really obsessive about winning the election at least once. So now we have stopped interfering," said Gangadevi, wife of Anand Kushwah.

Relations, friends and other well-wishers of Anand Kushwah hope for his success since they believe he will make a very good politician and leader.

"Anand is a very good human being. He is very honest and a genuine person. He is also having good leadership qualities. We wish him all the best in the State Assembly elections," said Balaram, a neighbour of Anand Kushwah, independent candidate, Gwalior (South) constituency.

Anand Kushwah is so much passionate about politics, that every day he saves 15 to 20 rupees from his income and sets it aside for contesting elections.

No prize for guessing, Anand has chosen his election symbol a tea kettle.

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